• Βελτίωση δρόμου που συνδέει την Δερύνεια με την Σωτήρα

    Details Project description Το Έργο αφορά την βελτίωση του δρόμου που συνδέει τους δυο Δήμους μήκους 4Κm και περιλαμβάνει επίσης την κατασκευή συνδετήριων δρόμων συνολικού μήκους […]
    Βελτίωση δρόμου που συνδέει την Δερύνεια με την Σωτήρα
  • Residential Building Calibre Properties Ltd.

    Details Project description 4 Storey reinforced concrete residential building
  • Βελτίωση της Λεωφόρου Κάππαρη στο Παραλίμνι

    Details Project description Το Έργο αφορά τη βελτίωση της Λεωφόρου Κάππαρη που βρίσκεται στο Δήμο Παραλιμνίου στην επαρχία Αμμοχώστου και αφορά το μέρος της Λεωφόρου Κάππαρη […]
    Βελτίωση της Λεωφόρου Κάππαρη στο Παραλίμνι
  • Engino Factory

    Details Project description Το Έργο αφορά την ανέγερση των νέων εγκαταστάσεων της εταιρείας Engino στη βιομηχανική περιοχή Αγίου Σιλά στη Λεμεσό.
  • Επέκταση Πανεπιστήμιο Frederick

    Details Project description Το Έργο αφορά επέκταση καθ΄ύψος με την προσθήκη του 2ου ορόφου στο υφιστάμενο Κτίριο του Πανεπιστημίου FREDERICK στη Λεμεσό.
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrade of Main Offices of the Central and Provincial Offices of the of the Department of Public Works

    Details Project description The building of the Central and Provincial Offices of the Department of Public Works in Nicosia is located at 165 Strovolou Avenue in […]
    Energy Efficiency Upgrade of Main Offices of the Central and Provincial Offices of the of the Department of Public Works
  • LOIS Builders & Wade Adams Contracting (Cyprus) Ltd JV

    Details Project description The scope of works includes:
  • The Sewerage System of the Solea Complex joint venture with Phoenix

    Details Project Title: Sewerage System of the Solea Complex The Sewerage System of the Solea Complex joint venture with Phoenix Location: Kakopetria, Galata, Sina Oros, Kalliana, Tembria […]
  • Larnaca Municipality Market

    Details Project Title: Larnaca Municipality Market Location: Larnaca Construction time: N/A Client: Larnaca Municipality Architects: Demetrios Constantinou & Associates Project description
  • Hillside Villas

    Details Project Title: Hillside Villas Location: Limassol, Mouttagiaka Construction time: N/A Client: Prime Property Group Architects: uha london Project description
  • The configuration of the Fishery Shelter and the River

    Details Project description The purpose of this project is the configuration of the fishing shelter and the river as well as the organization of a National […]
  • Business Innovation Center – Creative Business District – Restoration and Expansion of the Old Municipal Market

    Details Project Title: Business Innovation Center – Creative Business District – Restoration and Expansion of the Old Municipal Market Location: Nicosia Construction time: N/A Client: Municipality […]
  • Eleftheria Square

    Details Category of Project: Specialized Projects Project Title: Eleftheria Square Location: Nicosia Construction time: N/A Client: Nicosia Municipality Architects: N/A Project description The new Eleftheria Square […]
  • Chrystalla Hotel renovation

    Details Project description
  • Mall of Engomi expansion

    Details Category of Project: Commercial and Office Buildings Project Title: Mall of Engomi expansion Location: Nicosia Construction time: 3 months Client: Woolworth Commercial Centre Architects: I […]
  • Private Residence in Kato Drys

    Details Project description
    Private Residence in Kato Drys
  • Limassol Port Passenger Terminals

     A unique building, with high aesthetics and ergonomically thought .The new Passenger Hall completed in September 2016, has an area of 10.000 sq.m and construction cost of EUR 13.5 million. It consists of seven shells, which, like huge portholes, are framing the view of anchored cruise ships and harbour. The numbering of the shells and the transition from one shell to the next via the connecting areas, whose topography and alternation of light colors to dark tones, signal the exit from a shell and entrance to another, offer ongoing guidance to the visitor. The shells 01, 02 and 03 house the Arrival halls, customs, immigration and police departments.
  • Jean Nouvel, Tower 25

    JEAN NOUVEL TOWER 25 is a highly regarded landmark building in terms of architecture and aesthetics, designed by the world renowned French Architect Jean Nouvel. It is located in the centre of Nicosia, in Stasinou Avenue, next to Eleftherias Square, currently being the tallest building in the capital of Cyprus. The 21-storey building, with a height of 66 meters and a total area of 5,850m2, consists of commercial spaces on the ground floor and mezzanine, offices on the next 6 floors and residential apartments from the 7th to the 16th floor including a duplex apartment on the 15th and 16th floor. Furthermore, it has three underground floors (area 3,000m2) where the parking spaces of the building are located and beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the public square at the front of the building.
  • Panos Solomonides Cultural Center

    The project concerns the full renovation of an existing industrial building in the center of Limassol. The whole building has been transformed to a theatrical museum, offices and a restaurant. The main structure of the existing building consists of traditional stone and wood, while the rest is a concrete structure. A new lift has been installed, as well as new metal constructions, wooden structures, decorative stones, floors and wooden ceilings. Moreover, the internal walls have been covered with a gypsum board rolling system. The central location of the building made the project challenging in terms of accessibility to the site
  • Nicosia Sewerage Board

    This project, which houses the headquarters of Nicosia Sewerage Board, demonstrates skilled restoration work and attention to detail throughout the construction of a new structure to accompany the original listed building. Located at the heart of Old Nicosia, the project also includes an underground car park, a cafeteria, a modern office section and outdoor space for events. In the basement of the new building, we have also created a visitors area to accommodate those wishing to see the ruins of the Hellenic Baths which have been discovered there, changing the construction.
  • Renovation and extension of the Leventis Museum

    An exciting project to restore and extend the Leventis Museum of Nicosia. The museum promotes the history of Nicosia and Cyprus, through its collections, exhibitions, seminars and other events. The work carried out required specialized experience to ensure the extension was in keeping with the original style. The project is a marriage of a classical structure with new modern materials such as the union of the two buildings of the museum with a glass bridge. Accessibility to the site was restricted both physically and in terms of hours and much work was completed in the early hours of the morning.
  • District Officer’s Residence

    The project is the renovation of the House of the District Officer and configuration of the building to house the headquarters of the Management of Research Science and Technology in Archaeology. The project consists of demolition of existing floors, ceiling and coating removal, reconstruction of the roof building and maintenance of the existing stone. All renovation work for this project succeeded in maintaining the traditional character of the building, following the demanding directives for listed buildings, whilst modern equipment was used for the operational needs of a modern office.
  • Bank of Cyprus Cultural Centre at Faneromeni

    The project involved the renovation, upgrade and maintenance of the historic bank building in the walled city of Nicosia. At ground floor level, the improved space now offers a customer service area, as well as offices and archiving facilities. The remaining space is used to house the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, with specialized areas such as the Numismatic Museum, Conservation Laboratory, rare collections room and more. The restoration has remained true to the original style with investment in materials such as stone and marble especially for the stone amphitheater used for outdoor events. The interiors have been completely modernized, with new floors and ceilings, new divisions as well as an access lift and ramps to allow disabled access. Increased fire safety measures have been implemented throughout the building to protect the specialized collections within. The project was successfully completed within the deadlines.
  • Renovation and Expansion of Ayios Antonios Municipal Market

    The project involved the renovation and expansion of the Municipal Market in Nicosia. The existing building consisted of both traditional and conventional materials which have been restored and preserved. The space has been reorganized, with new divisions in place, all of which have full air-conditioning and have been upgraded in terms of hygiene standards. The old building houses butchers, fishmongers and grocery stores. The expansion of the project included a new building, consisting of a basement made from reinforced concrete, which houses the engine room and bathrooms; and a structure made from metal with glass windows and modern shading facilities which houses the market area and cafeteria. Outside parking spaces have been created for both the public and shopkeepers, with access to the property. Improved power supply and water management (wastewater, rainwater and drainage) are also in place. The project was completed according to the agreed timetable, was executed in two phases so the market continued to operate as usual for existing tenants during works.
  • Alector Ktimatiki medical stores and offices

    Construction of a unique two storey warehouse (16m net height) and distribution centre for a pharmaceutical company. A composite structure, consisting of a basement made from reinforced concrete, a steel structured ground floor and mezzanine. Consisting of a reception area, a cafeteria and offices on the 1st floor, the project was completed in a limited period of time. The building is one of the first in Cyprus that boasts structural passive fire protection of two hours.
  • Faneromeni Library

    A very remarkable project near the Faneromeni church situated at the old town of Nicosia which includes renovation and restoration of the existing two storey library building. The neo-classical design was restored according to strict specifications, town planning regulatory conditions and with the use of highly specialized equipment. Modern electromechanical installations and fire protection were also included.
  • Unicars extension, renovation, Skoda Showroom

    Situated on one of the most commercial roads in Limassol near the harbor the extensively upgraded showrooms of Skoda was constructed, 100% according to the international Skoda standards. With a modern, dominant and impressive design combining elements of metal and glass, the building stands out for its originality and quality of build.
  • MPM Eurocars

    The new Peugeot premises, situated in one of the most commercial areas of Nicosia, were constructed in a modern and innovative design following the international guidelines with challenging structural elements of combined metallic and concrete components. The project consists of car showrooms, a service station, office renovations as well as external parking areas.
  • Extension of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos – Phase A

    The structure was erected with modern techniques and materials, yet the finishes applied are of design and materials that date almost 100 years old. High level of detailing and engraving on the stone cladding as well as perfect matching and coordination of the interior and exterior materials establish the building as a landmark in the area. The project includes private rooms of the monks, high security rooms and a complete renovation of the central courtyard.
    Extension of the Holy Monastery of Kykkos – Phase A
  • Audi terminal

    The project includes the construction of a building consisting of a garage/ service area made of reinforced concrete in the basement and showroom with offices on the ground and first floor constructed with a steel frame structure. The external works are comprised of landscaped gardens and a parking area enclosed by a boundary wall. The internal areas have been constructed with modern materials and access between the different levels is achieving by elevators and escalators. The electromechanical installations in the showroom are all hidden in false ceilings / walls / floors. The building façade consists of aluminum and glass displays combined with the special external cladding, commonly used by AUDI in their showrooms.
  • ANT 1 TV & Radio Station Headquarters

    In order to relocate ANT 1, one of the major media groups in Cyprus, the project involved an exceptionally fast renovation of an existing commercial building on the outskirts of Nicosia. The building was modified to meet a modern, technologically advanced television and radio station’s needs and requirements. It includes offices, studios, and production rooms for the ANT1 TV and Radio stations.
  • Lois Homes

    Respecting Tradition - Two private residences in the Ay. Andreas area of Nicosia, an area designated as being of “special character” where strict design and construction guidelines apply in order to maintain its traditional character. Each house is built in a traditional yet functional design with high-end finishes and a garden.
  • Capo Bay Hotel

    The project involves the expansion and renovation of the Capo Bay Hotel in Protaras. The highly demanding, detailed work includes the renovation of the reception area, restaurants, and conference rooms. In addition, 240 rooms were renovated and a luxurious SPA & Leisure area was constructed in the basement of the hotel. Moreover, external landscaping works were completed, improving the entire aesthetic of the hotel.
  • Almyra Hotel SPA

    The project involves the construction of a new SPA & Leisure building, located in the center of Pafos, as part of the modern hotel Almyra. The building has a metal frame and includes a basement, 3 floors and a restaurant. Exceptional design and demanding installation services were used for the construction of treatment rooms - Hydromassage, Steam Bath and Sauna relaxation areas. A wide landscaping was constructed with external and internal swimming pools and a tennis court.
  • Paralimni – Deryneia road

    The consortium LOIS Builders & PHOENIX CONSTRUCTIONS LTD completed the critical project to improve the Paralimni - Deryneia road in the Famagusta area. This crucial road connecting the two areas, is the main axis of commercial activity for Famagusta, along which are almost all the provincial offices of various government agencies, headquarters of banks, large institutions, large commercial centers, shops and residential units.
  • Kallipoleos Business Spaces

    It is an exceptional and impressive building, designed with simple and cleanliness. The building is made up of six floors, with 235 sq.m. of net office space and 47 sq.m. of covered verandas on every floor. Each floor can function completely independently with separate heating, cooling and other systems. The ground floor offers a prime retail space totalling 260 sq.m., with an additional 160 sqm on the mezzanine floor.
    Kallipoleos Business Spaces
  • The Orchard – Lakatamia

    Located in a natural environment and fenced like private garden, in a quiet residential area in Lakatamia, The Orchard is within nature and at the same time, ‘so close and so far’ from the city. The commercial shops of the area for the daily house shopping are so close and at the same time, the strategic position of the easy access to the centre of Nicosia as well as the motorway Nicosia – Limassol road as well as the Troodos road.
    The Orchard - Lakatamia
  • Athinaia 9 – Plati

    This is a modern complex residential unit in Lakatamia that aspires to redefine the relationship between a structured space with its natural surroundings.
  • Athinaia 8 – Elli – Kaimakli

    The project Athinaia 8 is located in the heart of Kaimakli, just minutes away from the old town of Nicosia. It is a 5 floor luxury apartment block with 11 unique apartments designed to high-end specifications. There are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom properties available. The project has been designed by I&A Philippou Architects. Their approach uses a modern and functional design, with the flexibility to adapt each apartment to suit the needs of the client.
    Athinaia 8 - Elli - Kaimakli
  • Athinaia 7 – Pindarou

    In the centre of Nicosia on Pindarou street, this project perfectly fits the needs of the modern citizen who lives in the centre of the city and enjoys its vibes. The building, comprising of 2 towers (semicircle and rectangular) has luxury apartments of exceptionally high technical guidelines and of a modern design (eight 2 bedroom apartments, six 3 bedroom apartments, one 4 bedroom maisonette) that combines the comfort and the quality of a detached house, adding value to the investments of the purchasers. The projects’ guidelines are complete and in perfect order, to avoid any additional costs to be incurred by the purchaser. For the interior design and decoration of the space, well known architects were used for their services.
    Athinaia 7 - Pindarou
  • Protaras – Cavo Greco Road

    Modernisation and widening of the Protaras – Cavo Greco Road, between Paramount Hotel and Grecian Park Hotel. The project included the construction of a new pavement, new underground services, new asphalt paving, modern street lighting, a roundabout and a pedestrian walkway as well as the creation of a new cycle lane. This project is one of many similar company projects completed within the strict time limits.
    Protaras – Cavo Greco Road
  • Fit Οut and completion of P. Papavarnavas & Sons Estates Ltd commercial building Nicosia, Strovolou Avenue

    In February 2018, P. Papavarnavas & Sons Estates Ltd honoured LOIS Builders with the assignment of the project “Fit out and completion of P. Papavarnavas & Sons Estates Ltd Commercial Building”. The project shell was originally constructed by our company and is located in Strovolos Avenue, one of the main commercial and business hubs in Nicosia. The building was recently commissioned to be adapted for use by the Ministry of Defence, also housing the headquarters of the National Guard General Staff. To meet the requirements of the Ministry and the National Guard, the project includes the execution and completion of all internal and external works, like: brick work, dry wall partitioning systems, raised floors, false ceilings, MEP systems, structured cabling, fire alarm systems etc. The basements have already been completed, and works are ongoing on the 5 floors which the building comprises. The cost of the project is estimated at €3,868,000 and the proposed duration is 9 months.
    Fit Οut and completion of P. Papavarnavas & Sons Estates Ltd commercial building Nicosia, Strovolou Avenue
  • Karaiskakio Foundation

    The building of the Karaiskakio Foundation and the Centre for the Study of Haematological Malignancies houses the highest Bone Marrow Donor Registry in the World (donors/capital ratio) and it is located exactly behind the General Hospital of Nicosia, Cyprus. The two storey building of total area 2,900m2 was designed with two wings radiating from the central glass atrium of 13.5 meters high and the overall shape of the building was inspired by the shape of an antibody. A central staircase, resembling a DNA double helix provides access to both staff members and the public. The building has been specifically designed for purpose and it is constructed to comply with strict international standards, including laboratories and bone marrow storage units with sophisticated climatic, air-flow and pressure control systems, modern office spaces with high-tech telecommunications and computer systems with uninterrupted power supply. The construction is made entirely of reinforced concrete apart from the retractable glass roof which is connected to an intelligent climate control system, one of the many smart energy saving features of the building. The project involved the entire construction of the building, the external drainage and landscaping including the parking area.
    Karaiskakio Foundation
  • Hippocrateon Medical Centre

    Our company has completed a further extension of the Hippocrateon Medical Centre. A new floor has been added with more offices, examination, patient rooms and operating theatres. These areas are designed to accommodate ‘state of the art’ medical equipment. Additionally, a structure has been constructed for parking facilities (2 floors). Furthermore, extensive renovation has been undertaken in the existing areas of the medical centre, always with the priority of not affecting the normal operation of the centre.
    Hippocrateon Medical Centre
  • Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre

    A specialized oncology treatment centre. Facilities in the center include cancer treatment, rehabilitation and continuing care, clinical cancer control activities. Unique in Cyprus and well recognised in regions of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The Project was funded by the Bank of Cyprus. The building includes two linear accelerators, operating theatres, laboratories, offices and patient rooms.
    Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre
  • Cyprus University of Technology Sykopetriti

    The project is located in the old part of Limassol and is a listed building made up of two warehouses which were used for storage. The new format accommodates the laboratories of the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science of the CUT. The exterior shell remained unchanged during the renovation, under the terms of the Department of Conservation Planning, while the interior has been transformed. The existing stone separation of the two warehouses two new levels, a ground floor and mezzanine were created The foundations have been reinforced as has the existing masonry while the interior layout consists of a contemporary metal construction. All divisions of space have been made with high quality insulation materials. The roof was removed and replaced with soundproof coating. The building has high-tech ecological facilities such as air conditioning that works with solar cooling and geothermal energy. The first soundproof booth in Cyprus has been included in this project, and is used for sound measurements in absolute and ideal conditions.
    Cyprus University of Technology Sykopetriti
  • Cyprus University of Technology Anexartisias

    The building is located in a residential area, close to the commercial centre of Limassol. It's a four-storey building, constructed in 2000 with an area covering approximately 1270 sq m with a modern structure of reinforced concrete and clay brick walls. The new format accommodates the offices of the Information Technology Department of the Cyprus University of Technology. The exterior shell of the building has remained unchanged while the interior has been totally transformed. All the partitions used in this space are made from prefabricated glass and wooden paneling. Enhancements were made internally to provide better sound proofing and insulation for the building. The entire roof was also insulated. The existing concrete and ceramic floorings were removed and an elevated floor was installed. The entire building is now equipped with new modern electromechanical services which have been upgraded throughout.
    Cyprus University of Technology Anexartisias
  • Frederick Institute of Technology New Hall

    The new hall of Frederick Institute of Technology, is attached with the existing building of the Frederick Institude of Technology in Pallouriotissa and were constructed in a modern and innovative design with challenging structural elements of fair - faced concrete components. The project consists of staff offices, three seminar rooms, student’s hall of residence and internal underground parking areas. Furthermore, renovation has been undertaken mainly in external areas and surface of the existing building, always with the priority of not affecting the normal operation of the college. The project was completed successfully and on time.
    Frederick Institute of Technology New Hall
  • Forum Private School

    One of the most important projects that LOIS Builders has undertaken is FORUM Private School in Nisou. The construction of the whole project was highly demanding and challenging in terms of maintaining advanced standards of aesthetic perception. The originality of the shapes, colors and materials and the modern aesthetic of the building as well as plenty of green areas creating a unique environment. The school complex consists of classrooms, computer rooms, laboratories, warehouses, offices, a multi-purpose hall, sports fields etc. The whole project was designed with environmentally friendly elements combined with a bioclimatic construction. The sports facilities include football, tennis and volleyball fields. The building was constructed under strict time limits and it was successfully completed and operated on time.
    Forum Private School
  • Architecture Building of the University of Nicosia

    Extension and renovation of the existing industrial building. The entire building has been upgraded to antiseismic. In addition, the front of the building was expanded with metal construction and an underground substation EAC was constructed. The outer shell of the building has been constructed with special Polycarbonate Panels in various colors so as to facilitate energy saving. The classrooms have been separated with moving partitions according to the needs of the school, to accommodate both teaching and seminar needs.
    Architecture Building of the University of Nicosia