• Cyprus University of Technology Sykopetriti

    The project is located in the old part of Limassol and is a listed building made up of two warehouses which were used for storage. The new format accommodates the laboratories of the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science of the CUT. The exterior shell remained unchanged during the renovation, under the terms of the Department of Conservation Planning, while the interior has been transformed. The existing stone separation of the two warehouses two new levels, a ground floor and mezzanine were created The foundations have been reinforced as has the existing masonry while the interior layout consists of a contemporary metal construction. All divisions of space have been made with high quality insulation materials. The roof was removed and replaced with soundproof coating. The building has high-tech ecological facilities such as air conditioning that works with solar cooling and geothermal energy. The first soundproof booth in Cyprus has been included in this project, and is used for sound measurements in absolute and ideal conditions.
    Cyprus University of Technology Sykopetriti
  • Cyprus University of Technology Anexartisias

    The building is located in a residential area, close to the commercial centre of Limassol. It's a four-storey building, constructed in 2000 with an area covering approximately 1270 sq m with a modern structure of reinforced concrete and clay brick walls. The new format accommodates the offices of the Information Technology Department of the Cyprus University of Technology. The exterior shell of the building has remained unchanged while the interior has been totally transformed. All the partitions used in this space are made from prefabricated glass and wooden paneling. Enhancements were made internally to provide better sound proofing and insulation for the building. The entire roof was also insulated. The existing concrete and ceramic floorings were removed and an elevated floor was installed. The entire building is now equipped with new modern electromechanical services which have been upgraded throughout.
    Cyprus University of Technology Anexartisias
  • Frederick Institute of Technology New Hall

    The new hall of Frederick Institute of Technology, is attached with the existing building of the Frederick Institude of Technology in Pallouriotissa and were constructed in a modern and innovative design with challenging structural elements of fair - faced concrete components. The project consists of staff offices, three seminar rooms, student’s hall of residence and internal underground parking areas. Furthermore, renovation has been undertaken mainly in external areas and surface of the existing building, always with the priority of not affecting the normal operation of the college. The project was completed successfully and on time.
    Frederick Institute of Technology New Hall
  • Forum Private School

    One of the most important projects that LOIS Builders has undertaken is FORUM Private School in Nisou. The construction of the whole project was highly demanding and challenging in terms of maintaining advanced standards of aesthetic perception. The originality of the shapes, colors and materials and the modern aesthetic of the building as well as plenty of green areas creating a unique environment. The school complex consists of classrooms, computer rooms, laboratories, warehouses, offices, a multi-purpose hall, sports fields etc. The whole project was designed with environmentally friendly elements combined with a bioclimatic construction. The sports facilities include football, tennis and volleyball fields. The building was constructed under strict time limits and it was successfully completed and operated on time.
    Forum Private School
  • Architecture Building of the University of Nicosia

    Extension and renovation of the existing industrial building. The entire building has been upgraded to antiseismic. In addition, the front of the building was expanded with metal construction and an underground substation EAC was constructed. The outer shell of the building has been constructed with special Polycarbonate Panels in various colors so as to facilitate energy saving. The classrooms have been separated with moving partitions according to the needs of the school, to accommodate both teaching and seminar needs.
    Architecture Building of the University of Nicosia
  • Cyprus College

    One of the top educational institutions in Cyprus. Lois Builders Ltd constructed all the original college buildings including the college head office, classrooms, laboratories, seminar halls, extensive indoor sports facilities and a students’ hall of residence.
    Cyprus College
  • Intercollege

    One of the top educational institutions in Cyprus. The Company completed the original building which included the college head office, classrooms, laboratories, seminar halls and an outdoor amphitheater. The budget of this project was €4.930.000. The Company was later awarded the construction of the College’s extension, a project budget of €3.281.000. This included further seminar halls, a cinema and cultural center.

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