Construction Projects

  • Diagoras Centre Point

    An innovative and impressively designed office building situated in the heart of Nicosia. It consists of 11 floors of modern office spaces and 4 floors of parking (2 underground, ground floor and mezzanine). The unusual shell and metallic sloping roof gave the project a unique dimension. The sheer height of the building demanded a constructor with a great deal of experience. Health and safety issues were also of critical importance. The central location made the project a greater challenge in terms of accessibility to the site, so unconventional working hours were used to face the challenge. The utilities and services involved were specified and constructed with the highest standards since the building was designed and built for the Town Planning Department of Cyprus.
    Diagoras Centre Point
  • Olympic Building & Park

    Situated in a commanding spot at the entrance of Nicosia, it is designed in a modern yet minimal fashion and in accordance to the urban environment surrounding it. The project consists of a basement, ground floor, first and second floor. It will house the Cyprus Olympic Committee (COC) as well as the Cyprus Sports Federations. The building consists of offices, seminar rooms and meeting rooms while the park will include a beautiful blend of landscaping features.
    Olympic Building & Park
  • Alpha Mega (Charalambides) Hypermarket & Shopping Centre

    The fist large scale hypermarket in Nicosia based on the European model of large Hypermarkets encompassing in the same building a shopping centre, cafeteria and basic services (newsagent, launderette, florist, etc.). The Hypermarket also includes a parking area for more than five hundred vehicles. The building consists of three floors with a reinforced concrete basement and a steel structure with cladding and mezzanine floors.
    Alpha Mega (Charalambides) Hypermarket & Shopping Centre
  • G&C Tsiappas Estates Ltd Offices and Shops

    This development by G & C Tsiappas Estates Ltd is a modern design located on a main artery in the centre of Nicosia. The project includes impressive ground floor retail space, comprising of a restaurant, shops and bar. Each retail space also has a mezzanine area. The first floor is exclusively available as office space. The building also features 2 floors of underground parking which was a very challenging part of the project to complete, due to the site being closely surrounded by other buildings and on probably the most busy junction in Cyprus.
    G&C Tsiappas Estates Ltd Offices and Shops
  • A. Stephanis Head Office

    The Head Office of A. Stephanis, a company involved in trade and distribution of electronic products. It consists of four office floors and showroom space at ground level. The client’s progressive corporate culture is reflected in the innovative design of the Head Office.
    A. Stephanis Head Office
  • Hippocrateon Medical Centre

    A private clinic set up by a number of respected Cypriot doctors. An extension of the building and further external works (parking area and supporting facilities for the clinic) were later undertaken by the Company. The building includes offices, examination and patient rooms and operating theaters.
    Hippocrateon Medical Centre
  • A.Stavrou Private Residence

    Probably the largest private residence in Cyprus. Built in a distinct Roman style, it includes an indoor as well as outdoor pool, a tennis court and vast gardens. The materials and design details of the project are of such caliber that they required workmanship of the highest quality and skill.
    A.Stavrou Private Residence
  • Institute of Neurology and Genetics

    The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is a non-profit medical and research organization, composedof physicians and scientists, specializing in neurology and biomedical research. The Institute is becoming a recognized regional and international center, working closely with similar institutions around the world. The building consists of operating theatres, laboratories, offices and an amphitheater.
    Institute of Neurology and Genetics
  • Intercollege

    One of the top educational institutions in Cyprus. The Company completed the original building which included the college head office, classrooms, laboratories, seminar halls and an outdoor amphitheater. The budget of this project was €4.930.000. The Company was later awarded the construction of the College’s extension, a project budget of €3.281.000. This included further seminar halls, a cinema and cultural center.
  • Phaneromeni Parthenagogeio

    One of the oldest schools in Nicosia situated in the centre of the old town. An elegant classical style building of stone with wooden sloped roofs, tall wooden windows and an internal courtyard. LOIS Builders Ltd undertook its renovation and restoration to its past glory.
    Phaneromeni Parthenagogeio
  • Raquel – CTT Factory & Stores

    A cigarette factory and warehouses for raw materials built to highest specifications. One of the few Design and Build projects undertaken in Cyprus. Examples of the cutting edge technology used are structured cabling in the entire factory and warehouse areas, automatic fire doors between the different fire zones, closed circuit TV, a solar power system to support all secondary activities in the buildings, a building management system (BMS) for all the electromechanical systems and a power generator adequate to support the entire factory operation in case of an electric power interruption.
  • DIAS Group Headquarters

    The Dias Group Headquarters, a four-floor building which houses one of the largest media groups in Cyprus. It includes offices, studios and production rooms for the Group’s TV, Radio Stations and Publishing companies.
    DIAS Group Headquarters
  • Logos TV & Radio Station

    The Logos TV & Radio station housing of the largest media groups in Cyprus. It includes offices, studios and production rooms for the Group’s TV and Radio Stations.
    Logos TV & Radio Station
  • Bank of Cyprus Branch

    Renovation of a branch of the Bank of Cyprus.
    Bank of Cyprus Branch
  • Central Bank of Cyprus Landscaping

    Landscaping of the vast gardens of the Central Bank of Cyprus. The project included planting, installation of an irrigation system and constructions of a parking area for fifty cars.
    Central Bank of Cyprus Landscaping
  • J. Aristodemou Car Wash

    A modern and complete Car Wash Service Centre with facilities for professional washing, drying and polishing as well as quick fixes.
    J. Aristodemou Car Wash
  • Unicars-New Volkswagen Showroom

    Situated on one of the most commercial roads in Limassol near the harbour the brand new premises of Volkswagen were constructed 100% according to the international VW standards. With a modern, dominant and impressive design combining elements of metal and glass the building stands out for its originality and quality of build. The project involved not only the planning and construction but also the co-ordination of specialized sub-contractors from Germany. It includes showroom space for 12 cars, an indoor delivery area, offices and outdoor parking facilities. The project was completed successfully and on time.
    Unicars-New Volkswagen Showroom
  • Forum Hotel

    Forum hotel was the extension of what was formerly the Ledra Hotel. The Project was awarded to LOIS Builders Ltd and it included the construction of the largest ballroom in Cyprus, accommodation rooms and suites, two restaurants and banqueting rooms.
    Forum Hotel
  • Mall of Engomi

    The Mall of Engomi is a large contemporary retail park situated in the Engomi area of Nicosia, housing a large Carrefour supermarket, the department store Debenhams, the DIY store Home Centre and several other retail outlets. The project, which has a metallic structure, includes ground floor and large scale basement parking facilities. A combination of modern and traditional materials such as stone and marble were used with modern techniques. Heating, cooling, fire safety and security measures were all undertaken for this project. All the strict requirements combined with the extremely tight time schedule, introduced an important challenge to our company.
    Mall of Engomi
  • National Guard Aviation in Khasham Alaan – Saudi Arabia

    In November 2011, NESMA & Partners Contracting Co honoured Lois Builders KSA with the assignment of a project, “Military Facility”, located in Khasham Alaan, which is 35-50 km from Riyadh. The project included the design verification, shop drawings, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning, handing-over and warranties of the “Military Facility” and it was divided into four blocks, a) Battalion 1, b) Battalion 2, c) Battalion 3 and d) the Brigade. The development included a total number of 65 buildings, which cover up an area of 65,000 m². Each building varies in size, whereas the smallest one is approximately 350 m² and the largest one 2,000 m².
    National Guard Aviation in Khasham Alaan - Saudi Arabia
  • S.P.E. Kaimakliou

    A building of five floors housing the Co-operative Bank of Kaimakli, with offices, conference rooms and parking area for 100 cars.
    S.P.E. Kaimakliou
  • JCC Headquarters

    The project purpose is to house the backup services of the Visa and Mastercard company provider in Cyprus. The project includes all the latest office building technology such as security system, raised floor systems, latest BSM, etc.
    JCC Central Offices
  • Headquarters of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus

    Extension and renovation of the existing listed building, in keeping with the original architecture. The project needed specialized experience in order to ensure that the classic design, along with the condition of the traditional stone remained unchanged. The original building was severely damaged and the walls needed to be reinforced with supporting steel structure. Challenges concerning appropriate materials and specialist craftsmanship were met successfully.
    Headquarters of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus
  • Aglantzia & Larnakos Avenue

    Details Category of Project: Technical Work Project Title: Aglantzia and Larnacos Avenue Plan area: N/A Construction time: N/A Date of Completion: August 2018 Client: Aglantzia Municipality […]