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We would like to thank all the personnel of LOIS Builders and our associates for all their hard work and effort in making the successful completion of this important project milestone, the concrete pour of the slab of the bridge of the Eleftheria Square Project, a reality.
We would also like to thank the Nicosia Municipality (the client), Zaha Hadid Architects (the Architect) and all the other parties involved in the Project for the excellent collaboration and teamwork without which we would not be able to overcome the multiple challenges that one has to face in a complex project like this.
Furthermore we would like to thank the general public for their love and support of this Project, as well as the residents and visitors of the city centre of Nicosia for their patience and kind understanding for any inconvenience that might be caused during the construction of the Project.

We, LOIS Builders on the other hand, reassure the public that with the same determination and confidence we will steadily keep moving forward towards the successful completion of the whole Project, a Project that has so much to offer to the residents and visitors of the city centre of Nicosia with all the additional positive social and economic outcomes. 



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